Fedora and Mozilla Activity Day in Kosovo

Last week I organized  a FAD and a MAD (Fedora Activity Day and Mozilla Activity Day) it took part at the Prishtina Hackerspace. The event was about community building and finding the best path for new contributors to join open source communities. To make the event even more better we had the opportunity to join forces together with Open Labs Albania.

The first day was dedicated to Fedora. I did an introduction to Fedora and the different channel there are to contribute. Jona gave an awesome speech about women in Fedora, Elio with his creativity showed how easy it is to use inkscape and create badges for Fedora, and Boris showed us how to install Pidora on a Raspberry PI.

The second day continued with Mozilla, presenting the ways one can contribute, including sites like whatcanidoformozilla and Mozilla Reps. Boris led a workshop regarding translation of Mozilla Thimble. During the end of the day we did some showcase of Thimble and demonstrated Mozilla VR (thankfully Boris had a cardboard ). People seemed to be amazed with VR, we started a group on discussion were Web can have its part in VR.


The events had different topic and it was very diverse, from people contributors to design and more technical paths were presented to the audience. More specific events will come in coming months. A big thank you JonaElio, and Boris


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Fedora at Google Summer of Code

Last week I presented the process on how to apply to Google Summer of Code for the Fedora Project. It is the first time  GSoC  is presented in our college. I presented the process on how to apply to Fedora. Students seemed to be really interested and the college staff showed support for the application process. The event was one of the Campus Fedora Ambassadors events that are going to be held at UBT (University for Business and Technology).

Here are some pictures from the event:






Feed Crawler Page test 2

Second test

Thought of Jekyll

Dear readers,

I thought of creating a site that would be hosted in GitHub Pages, http://jekyllrb.com/ hit the best result, is there anything better out ? suggestion tips please.

Gnome 3.14 Release

Dear readers, I am happy to see that Gnome 3.14 is out. Check the video made by the Gnome team. Gnome 3.14 will come with Fedora 21, if there is any repo for the current release of fedora (20) please add it to the comments. There are links in the gnome sites where you can get a taste of it with fedora.

Vagrant for developers

I have been using vagrant for a week now and I must say it’s a really nice tool. Vagrant for those who don’t know, it’s basically a virtual machine (based on VirtualBox but has also other options).

Why do i find it cool

– Fast to setup (You can choose one of the images from vagrantcloud and will install it in a few min)

– Have the same environment in different operating system (no matter if you start developing in linux and end up developing under windows, you can use the same setup)

– Share the same environment with other developers

– Share your http/ssh or other port in the internet (Vagrantcloud generates a url where you can send other people to your vm)

These are just some of the things I’ve been using and enjoyed with vagrant it has more features and it is getting better every time.




Xfce right click menu lag

If you use xfce, on some version if you right click on the desktop it might delay for a second, there’s an easy fix for that, all you need to do is Right click on the desktop “Desktop Settings” and “Menus” tab, and  disable “Show applications icons.”.

Screenshot - 02122014 - 02:19:23 PM

Starting to develop apps on Android

I am starting to develop apps on android, this might help me with java too, since I will be learning it more in depth in my second semester.


My First Ruby on Rails project

I will be working on my first ruby on rails project with the admin interface.

I found this great tutorial from DigitalOcean that shows how to get everything installed on ubuntu 12.04, I am also looking on how to install it on my home computer with fedora 18



Alfresco Bulk Filesystem Import Tool

post from my other blog at http://ylbd.blogspot.com/


get the tool



use the alfresco module managing tool




Installation Steps

The following steps describe how to download and install the Alfresco Bulk Filesystem Import Tool:

  1. Download the latest AMP file containing the tool from here
  2. Shutdown your Alfresco instance (use the .sh inside your alfreso install folder)
  3. Make a backup of the original alfresco.war file. On Tomcat, this is located in ${ALFRESCO_HOME}/tomcat/webapps
  4. Use the Alfresco Module Management Tool to install the AMP file obtained in step 1
  5. Restart Alfresco, watching the log carefully for errors

Running the MMT

Run the following command:

  java -jar alfresco-mmt-2.1.jar [args]

It is compatible with V2.0 WAR files and above.

MMT Commands

The MMT has a number of commands. Details of these are outlined below:


usage: install <AMPFileLocation> <WARFileLocation> [options]

valid options:

   -verbose   : enable verbose output
   -directory : indicates that the amp file location specified is a directory.
                All amp files found in the directory and its sub directories are installed.
   -force     : forces installation of AMP regardless of currently installed module version
   -preview   : previews installation of AMP without modifying WAR file
   -nobackup  : indicates that no backup should be made of the WAR


Stop Alfresco

:~/alfresco-4.0.d-1$ ./ctlscript.sh stop

/home/ardian/alfresco-4.0.d-1/apache-tomcat/scripts/ctl.sh : tomcat not running

/home/ardian/alfresco-4.0.d-1/mysql/scripts/ctl.sh : mysql stopped


Check if alfresco is running


ardian@arbk-share:~/alfresco-4.0.d-1$ ps -ef | grep alfresco

ardian   18815 18168  0 11:06 pts/2    00:00:00 grep –color=auto alfresco


locate where the alfresco-mmt-2.1.jar is usually its under alfresco install dir in the bin/ 

For me its /alfresco-4.0.d-1/apps/alfresco


java -jar alfresco-mmt.jar install ~/alfresco-bulk-filesystem-import-1.1-ALF40.amp ~/alfresco-4.0.d-1/apache-tomcat/webapps/alfresco.war


list the modules


java -jar alfresco-mmt.jar list ~/alfresco-4.0.d-1/apache-tomcat/webapps/alfresco.war

Module ‘org.alfresco.extension.alfresco-bulk-filesystem-import’ installed in ‘/home/ardian/alfresco-4.0.d-1/apache-tomcat/webapps/alfresco.war’

   –    Title:        Alfresco Bulk Filesystem Import v1.1 (for Alfresco v4.0)

   –    Version:      1.1

   –    Install Date: Wed Jul 25 11:18:19 CEST 2012

   –    Description:   Alfresco Bulk Filesystem Import tool.  Provides high performance bulk loading of content from the server’s filesystem into Alfresco.


If you run Alfresco on Linux turn of CIFS: add this



to alfresco-global.properties.



export BULK=alfresco-bulk-filesystem-import-1.0.amp


java -jar $ALFRESCO_HOME/bin/alfresco-mmt.jar install $ALFRESCO_HOME/amps/$BULK $ALFRESCO_HOME/tomcat/webapps/alfresco.war -force -verbose


$ apply_amps.sh







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