Software Freedom Conference by FLOSSK Prishtina & Electrotechnic Liceum “Don Bosco” 09

A Software Freedom Conference will be held in Electrotechnic Liceum
“Don Bosco” Prishtine , on October 22 09 . This conference is being
organised by FLOSSK Prishtina group , in cooperation with
Elektrotechnick Liceum “Don Bosco”Prishtine . We will be talking to
the Liceum’s community (which includes all profesors and students
there), for Open Source and its cause ,Linux, Open Street Map ,
Wikipedia and other stuff relating to OpenSourceSoftware. We are
working with the liceum to add additional guests , basing to the
Conference interests .

Our schedule is as follows:

13.20-The presentation begins, Valdrin Maliqi presents the speakers
and Flossk to the audience.
13.30 -Ardian Haxha presents rather generally what Floss, Gnu, Open
Source and Linux is.
14:00-15:00One hour brake
15:00 -Gent Thaci presents the OLPC project
15:15 -Taulant Ramabaja presents the Wikipedia/Wikimedia project,
Copyrights and Creative Commons & alike.
(Optional) 15:45 -Valdrin Maliqi presents OpenStreetMap
16:00 The End – Ubuntu Live Cd’s will be Given out
We will have a one hour brake in 14.00 than we will continue again .

We will either play some Linux videos at the end of the presentations
or in between them, all depending on the mood of the students.

The students will of course be encouraged to participate in Flossk, in
our mailing lists and projects.
Afterwards us Flossk-ies will go on our own little After-party 😉

About ardian
I'm a young free/libre open source software/linux, enthusiast who has been working on promoting FLOSS in Kosovo. I'm helping my fellow peopel here in Kosovo in learning GNU/Linux. I helped run the first SFK09(Software Freedom Kosova 09) conference. I organised and talked in many locations in my country. I also have been learning and working on the OpenStreetMap project for Kosovo. I'm working on translating different software packages into Albanian.

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