Flossk/Flossal Summer of Code Kick off beach party

It’s never late

2010-07-16 at 18:00

Big beach , grill and hackathon party to kick off the summer of code

Bus is leaving from Prizren at 18:00 from the Driton Tours, across the street from the main bus station in prizren :
(driton_tours@hotmail.com +355683266603, 038724009, 038724000,049205104,049301972,044205104, manager 044574337)

We are going to : Turist Kompleksi Leonardo
Contact : +355 69 20 70 322 / +355 69 21 61 484
Location, at the end of the beach, across the dirt road, you will see the sign on the left, there is a private road, it is at the end. You can see the photo of the two big houses on google maps, or look at the openstreetmap.
Also on google maps http://tinyurl.com/27yepmd

Shengjin, Albania

Shengjin, Albania

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