LibreOffice on Fedora

How to install Libreoffice on Fedora

Remove OpenOffice first.

1.  Get the pack from

2.  Go to the dir where you saved the tar.gz file and extract it using this command tar -zxvf LibO_3.3.0_beta2_Linux_x86_install-rpm_en-US.tar.gz (The name of the file may change depends on which version you have)

3. After the extract, you may get a dir (folder) called “en-US” use the cd command to go in

4. cd en-US

5. cd RPMS

6. # rpm -i *.rpm (This will install all the rpms that are in) You have to run it as root

7. cd desktop-integration

8. # rpm -i libreoffice3.3-redhat-menus-3.3-1.noarch.rpm (This will install the LibreOffice menus)

NOTE ! If you have any problems opening LibreOffice from the menus you can still use this command



About ardian
I'm a young free/libre open source software/linux, enthusiast who has been working on promoting FLOSS in Kosovo. I'm helping my fellow peopel here in Kosovo in learning GNU/Linux. I helped run the first SFK09(Software Freedom Kosova 09) conference. I organised and talked in many locations in my country. I also have been learning and working on the OpenStreetMap project for Kosovo. I'm working on translating different software packages into Albanian.

2 Responses to LibreOffice on Fedora

  1. nurfe says:


    I would suggest that you do a little change in your guide: at step 6, instead of

    rpm -i *.rpm

    make it use yum. Like this:

    yum localinstall –nogpgcheck $(ls)

    You can do a very easy uninstall afterwards using yum history undo, for example.

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