I’m a young free/libre open source software/gnu linux, enthusiast who has been working on promoting FLOSS in Kosovo.

I’m helping my fellow people here in Kosovo in learning GNU/Linux. I helped run the first SFK09(Software Freedom Kosova 09) conference. I organised and talked in many locations in my country. I also have been learning and working on the OpenStreetMap project for Kosovo. I’m working on translating different software packages into Albanian, I translated Pino the free and open social media client and helped translating other packages. And I have been working on cooporation in the balkans and worldwide. I am also contributing to the FedoraProject as an Ambassador.

I have been learning Python since a while now, I am getting better and better everyday I will try to share my experience with you, be sure to subscribe to my feeds.

Conntact me :
Email: ardian(dot)haxha(the strange A)gmail(dot)com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ArdianHaxha
Identica: http://www.identi.ca/ardian
IRC: ardian on irc.freenode.net #flossk

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